What is USAC?

Who we are

USAC's fourteen student officers and commissioners are elected by members of the Undergraduate Students Association at an annual election held during Spring Quarter. In addition to its fourteen elected members, USAC includes appointed representatives of the Administration, the Alumni, and the Faculty, as well as two ex-officio members, the ASUCLA Executive Director and a student Finance Committee Chairperson who is appointed by the USA President and approved by USAC. All members of USAC may participate fully in Council deliberations, but only the fourteen elected student members have a vote.

What we do

USA's programs offer an invaluable service to the campus and surrounding communities and provide an opportunity for thousands of students to participate in and benefit from these endeavors. Two to three thousand UCLA undergraduates participate annually in the more than twenty voluntary outreach programs run by the Community Service Commission. A large corps of undergraduate volunteers also participate in programs run by the Student Welfare Commission, such as AIDS Awareness, Substance Abuse Awareness, Blood Drives and CPR/First Aid Training.

14 student officers

...elected by the student body every spring.

40,000 students, faculty, and staff

...attend programs organized by the Campus Events Commission.

70 undergraduates

...appointed by the USA president to administrative offices.

25 undergraduates

...appointed by the USA president to Academic Senate Committees.