The Contingency Capital Fund provides funding for computers, peripherals and furniture only for student organizations that have an office on campus. Contingency Capital Funds are not available until Winter Quarter. The Contingency Capital Fund is overseen by USAC's Finance Committee Chairperson. For information on the USAC External Vice President's Travel Grant, contact the External Vice President at

Bruin Defenders Grant

The Bruin Defenders concept is to provide students and organizations with the scope, contacts, experience, and funds to take command over their own issues and bring these issues directly to those with the immediate power to realize change. Our office also provides advocacy training, political strategy development, and contact sharing with program applications through an appointed liaison, to ensure that a group receives not only funding, but also the tools necessary for successful advocacy.

Bruin Defenders Grant applications should be submitted to the EVP office mailbox (Kerckhoff Hall 300C) by 3:00pm on Fridays no later than five (5) weeks prior to the program. If you have any questions, email

Other Funding-Related Documents

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