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Requisition Deadline 2019

REQ Deadline Flyer

The year is coming to an end!

Please submit all your REQ forms for May/June events to their designated mailboxes or offices to allow the proper funding signatory to sign off.

If you submitted a REQ form and you have not heard from SGA, please visit:
SGA Check Register
SGA Problem REQ Register

Office Space Allocation Committee Application

The Office Space Allocation Committee (OSAC) has released their Office/Locker/Mailbox Space Application!

If you are interested in a(n) Office/Locker/Mailbox Space in Kerckhoff Hall, please note that: Applications will be DUE on Friday, May 3rd by 5:00pm. You must submit a printed copy to the FAC Office (KH300D) or Mailbox 15 as well as an electronic copy to

This year is a reallocation year for OSAC, so student organizations that currently have offices, lockers, and/or mailboxes in Kerckhoff Hall will need to REAPPLY. If you have any questions, feel free to contact the committee at
OSAC Guidelines
OSAC Application

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