Documents #

As your student government, USAC has a number of rules and regulations which govern its actions. In this documentation section, you can find links to every governing document and rule that guides us, as well as complete and updated minutes detailing the contents of our weekly meetings.

In Guiding, you will find our Undergraduate Students Association Constitution, as well as the rules and guidelines for many of our various committees, including Elections Board, Judicial Board, and the Office Space Allocation Committee.

Minutes and Agendas from all weekly meetings, so that anyone can follow or reference the proceedings of our legislative body.

Bylaws contains all eight articles of our USA Bylaws, which are a more detailed explanation of the rules and regulations governing all USAC entities. Unlike our constitution, the bylaws can be amended at any time by a 2/3 vote of Council, and they frequently are.

Resolutions contains all of the Resolutions passed by USAC from 2010-2011 on.

Miscellaneous has various historical documents from the recent and not so recent past.