USAC Bylaws #

This page contains all nine articles of our USA Bylaws, which are a more detailed explanation of the rules and regulations governing all USAC entities. Unlike our constitution, the bylaws can be amended at any time by a 2/3 vote of the Council.

  1. Article I - Eligibility to Participate in Activities
    1. Section A. Eligibility to Participate in Activities
    2. Section B. In Order to Hold an Elective Office
    3. Section C. Eligibility Check
    4. Section D. Conflict of Interest
    5. Section E. Discrimination
  2. Article II - Appointments
    1. Section A. Information on Appointments
    2. Section B. Appointments Review Committee
    3. Section C. Approval Process
    4. Section D. Committee Appointee Responsibilities
    5. Section E. Removal Process
  3. Article III - Sponsorship
    1. Section A. Goals of Sponsorship
    2. Section B. Guidelines for Council Student Group Sponsorship
    3. Section C. Sponsorship of Commission-Related Groups
    4. Section D. Commission-Related Groups
  4. Article IV - USAC: Members and Duties
    1. Section A. President
    2. Section B. Internal Vice President
    3. Section C. External Vice President
    4. Section D. General Representatives
    5. Section E. Academic Affairs Commissioner
    6. Section F. Campus Events Commissioner
    7. Section G. Community Service Commissioner
    8. Section H. Cultural Affairs Commissioner
    9. Section I. Facilities Commissioner
    10. Section J. Financial Supports Commissioner
    11. Section K. Student Wellness Commissioner
    12. Section L. Transfer Student Representative
    13. Section M. International Student Representative
  5. Article V - Standing Committees
    1. Section A. Election Board
    2. Section B. Constitutional Review Committee
    3. Section C. Financial Aids Task Force
    4. Section D. Office Space Allocation Committee
    5. Section E. Funding Study Group
    6. Section F. Campus Safety Alliance
    7. Section G. Faculty, Staff, and Administrator Recognition Award Committee
    8. Section H. Student Advocate
    9. Section I. Student Group Outreach Committee
    10. Section J. Parking Advocacy Task Force
  6. Article VI - Operating Roles and Procedures
    1. Section A. Council Operating Roles and Procedures
  7. Article VII - Finance
    1. Section A. Finance Committee Composition
    2. Section B. Finance Committee Duties and Responsibilities
    3. Section C. Financial Operating Procedures
    4. Section D. Financial Policies
  8. Article VIII - Communications Board
    1. Section A. Independent Communications Board
    2. Section B. Communications Board Shall Render Decisions
  9. Article IX - Filings of Copies of Constitutions, Bylaws, and Permanent Records
    1. Section A. Statement