Student Government Accounting - Overview #

The Student Government Accounting (SGA) office manages financial matters related to the funding of the Undergraduate Student Association.

Kerckhoff Hall 332
Mon-Fri 9am-5pm

Currently, the Undergraduate Students Association (USA) has over 700 student group/departments in our database, alone. As an effort to aid the student groups/departments, we have placed as many documents, forms, instructions and PowerPoint Presentations on this website for your convenience. For example: How To Fill Out a Req.

The Student Government Accounting office uses the General Requisition Form to process the expenditures of each student group/department, and student government office.

USA's funds can be utilized through 5 main methods:

Student groups are granted funds through the process of proposals and hearings. After funds are granted, the funds are transferred into the student group's account (sometimes referred to as a department) in the SGA office.

For USA, the different funding sources would include:


Once funds have been allocated to your student group, in order to access your account a general requisition must be submitted, or a REQ for short. Each req much be completely filled out with the appropriate signatures, necessary information, your 21 digit account number, and the required attachments.